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Franchise Opportunities

Starting your own business is a dream of many people. Setting your own hours, doing what you enjoy to earn a paycheck, and working with customers on a personal basis are the desires of many people in today’s society. Yet, many people mistakenly think that they are not suitable for running a business. Shux may change your mind! If you are interested in investing in a highly valued business opportunity in this technology-minded world, call us today.

Shux is a repair company that specializes in smartphones, tablets, and cell phones. According to, “$5.9 Billion has been spent on repairing damaged iPhones since 2007.” Now, add in Android and Samsung Notes, iPads, and other tablets and that number grows exponentially. Owning a Shux franchise is a great opportunity to join in the market for repairing devices that are almost a necessity for everyone in America.

We have a franchise support team that has designed a comprehensive road map for you. We will not leave you to fend for yourself! We can help you select the ideal location, negotiate your lease, shop for your business needs, trade dress your walls, and get your business off and running as a fully functioning business the day you open your doors. Shux also provides extensive recruiting strategies and needed online certification classes that will also ensure you and your employees receive the expertise to perform the most profitable repairs on the most popular devices.

If you are interested in a Shux franchise opportunity, call us today. We have launched over 700 retail franchise locations and made over 100,000 repairs in the last six months alone. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on the fastest growing market in device repairs!

Samsung Repair

Many of our customers rely on their Samsung devices throughout their days. From business meetings, calls, emails and important messages to personal schedules, appointments, and notifications – a Samsung device may feel like a necessary appendage. Therefore, when their devices are damaged life can get a little (or a lot!) hectic. At Shux, we understand that life these days runs on smartphones and tablets, and our goal is to keep these high-performance devices running the way they should and repairing them when they are not running properly. We have highly trained and certified technicians who service Samsung devices in our stores, while our customers wait.

Whether a glass has been shattered, the screen has been damaged, or the buttons on your Samsung will not function properly, we can repair it and have it working properly again within minutes. With as easy as it is to accidentally drop your smartphone or tablet, it should be just as easy to have it repaired. At Shux, that is exactly what we offer our customers with our Samsung repair services. While appointments can be made to assure that your repair is done at a convenient time for you, walk-ins are welcome. We also offer affordable pricing, and we stand behind our services with our outstanding guarantee on all parts and services.

Our experienced technicians are ready at a location near you to make your Samsung repair today. Call or drop in and see why our customers say that we exceed expectations in quality and customer service. All of our repairs are done on a “If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay” basis. So you can trust the service you’ll receive. Call us today!

Choosing the Right Mobile Device Case

Smartphones and tablets require owners to shell out hundreds of dollars each year. With all of the money that you spend on a device (and the apps to go with it), paying a little more for a case to protect your investment is a wise decision. Smartphones and tablets are easily scratched and can be broken with the first slip off a table, so a case makes sense to keep your mobile device protected. However, there are so many on the market and choosing the right case may seem like a guessing game. At Shux, we are stocked with the hottest brands and styles of cases for your tablet and smartphone, and we can help you decide which one is the best fit.

There is a huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and measures of protection that customers can choose from in mobile device cases. While smartphones are tougher than they used to be, the vast majority of them will still receive some damage with even the smallest accident if not protected in some way. At Shux, we can help our customers choose the features that they want from a protective case. For instance, some people are more concerned with how the case looks and feels than how durable it is. We have plenty of “vanity cases” to choose from that offer the hottest styles, patterns, and colors. Most people are looking for a case that offers durability at a decent price. There are all different ranges in protection: minimal, durable, and rugged. Each range has its pros and cons and must be chosen on an individual basis. Be honest with yourself – if you are prone to being clumsy, invest in a more durable case. It’s cheaper than replacing your smartphone or tablet!

Bring your smartphone or tablet into Shux today to find the best case that suits your needs. From the sophisticated and fashionably forward styles to the rugged and most durable, we have the case that is right for you.

iPhone Screen Repair

When it comes to the iPhone screen, knowledge is essential. While there are YouTube videos available that will demonstrate how to repair the iPhone screen step-by-step, one tiny slip of the finger can ruin the entire iPhone system. At Shux, we understand that sometimes a DIY project seems easier and cheaper. However, we also understand (because we have seen it repeatedly) that many DIY iPhone screen repairs wind up much worse when amateur fingers are involved. You depend on your iPhone throughout the day for business and personal reasons, and when it is not working properly you can miss out on important calls and messages. At Shux, we have the knowledge and experience to make your iPhone screen repair quickly and precisely.

Many times a crack in the iPhone glass that is not repaired right away can cause pressure on the screen where the glass is cracked. Signs that the iPhone screen has been damaged are lines across the screen, blurred spots on the screen, touch screen capabilities not working properly, or even a screen that goes black. The certified technicians at Shux are typically able to make most iPhone screen repairs while you wait so that you can get back to your busy schedule. We know that business meetings, carpool lines, and life do not slow down just because your iPhone isn’t working.

Call Shux today to make an appointment that is convenient for you. All of our repairs on your iPhone, iPad, cell phone, and Samsung Galaxy come with our strong warranty and outstanding guarantee. We put the highest emphasis on customer satisfaction, and we believe in giving customers quality with a fast turnaround and an affordable price. We look forward to serving you and making your iPhone screen repair.

The Phablet

The term “phablet” has made its way into the Oxford Dictionary; it is defined as “a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer”. This tablet/smartphone hybrid is a small pocket-sized mobile device with a typical touch screen ranging from 5 inches to 6.1 inches in size.

“While just 20 million of the 980 million smartphones shipped globally in 2013 were phablets, that number is predicted by Juniper Research to lift 600% to reach 120 million by 2018,” says Opera Mediaworks. Many people turn to phablets because they want the rich viewing experience of a tablet yet the portability of a smartphone.

What are the leading Phablet models?

When choosing a phablet, you will want to consider factors such as battery life, media display and of course size. Some phablets function better as a tablet than a smartphone or vice versa. It is a good idea to have your specific goals in mind before shopping phablets. For Apple lovers, the iPhone 6 Plus is the most recent option. News by Technology claims the following 10 phablets as the current best in the United States:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
3. Nokia Lumia 1520
4. Sony Xperia Z Ultra
5. Oppo N1
6. Samsung Galaxy Mega
7. LG G Flex
8. HTC One Max
9. Nokia Lumia 1320
10. Huawei Ascend Mate

Regardless if the phablet interests you or not, it is a trend that is not fading. Shux has certified technicians who are available to answer your questions regarding tablets, smartphones and phablets. Once you determine your specific mobile device needs, there is most certainly a technology solution out there today!

Is Your iPhone Secure?

If someone were to get a hold of your iPhone, how much access would they have into your life? For most consumers, our iPhones hold a wealth of valuable and often personal information. Our contact list is perhaps the least of our worries, as we use our iPhone to access bank accounts, shop online, check our email and much more. The good news is that our iPhones are designed with capabilities to prevent unwanted hackers and stolen information. Here are some simple ways to keep your iPhone more secure:

Lock Your Screen
Implementing the lock screen option and creating a password to access your phone is perhaps the first order of business. Not only will this keep your toddler from texting your coworker, but you can rest assured that your apps, email and Internet browsing history are inaccessible.

Create Smart Passwords
You may be tempted to create an easy passcode so that you remember it. However, remember that the goal is to prevent others from guessing it. Instead of simply using a four digit pin number as your password, choose the passphrase option on the latest iPhone models. With this option, you will create a longer and more complex passcode with upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Beware of Autofill
The Autofill feature is extremely handy when texting or emailing. However, it becomes a major security risk when it comes to entering in your passwords. You can turn off this capability in Settings, “Passwords & Autofill.”

Limit Siri
Most of us have found a good friend in Siri, as she readily helps us with all sorts of information throughout the day. However, if your iPhone is set to allow Siri when your phone is locked, Siri could unknowingly reveal personal information to a stranger. To limit Siri and protect your iPhone, go to “Touch ID & passcode” in the Settings and turn off “allow access when locked” for Siri.

Your iPhone has amazing capabilities and it can be your lifeline at any given moment. However, protecting its ability to store personal information about you is crucial. For more help in securing your iPhone, turn to a professional. Shux has iPhone experts who can educate customers on the extensive settings and capabilities your phone holds. A device you value most could quickly turn into one you strongly resent if a hacker is allowed to invade.

Get More Life From Your iPhone 5 Battery

The iPhone ranks at the top of the smartphone list when it comes to most capabilities. However, its battery life is simply not one of them. Although the disappointing battery life feature will likely be improved with the newest iPhone 6, most of us are still stuck hugging the wall with our iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. While we cannot change the actual size of our iPhone battery, we do have some control over how it is used. You may be using applications or initiating settings on your iPhone that are sucking the life out of your battery. Finding out ways you can maximize your battery life can give you some needed independence away from your wall charger. Which of these battery saving tips can you implement?

Adjust Screen Settings: Most consumers do not realize that by setting your screen to maximum brightness, you are using valuable battery juice. Turn it to your lowest tolerable level or use Auto Brightness to ensure your screen is not blaring bright outside on a sunny day. In addition, you can also check to see how much time is set for your screen to go black when you are not using it. Choose a minimal time limit so you are not wasting battery!

Update the Software: If you get a notice on your phone that the latest iOS software is available for update, you will do your battery life a favor by updating it promptly. Apple designs these software updates to improve the functions on your phone, often making them more efficient, which uses less battery.

Not Using It? Turn It Off!: Many applications will drain your battery life. By not completely closing out of these applications, such as a GPS app or music application, your iPhone continues to supply its power source. To really save your battery, try turning off your Push Notifications as well for applications such as Facebook or Twitter (if you are okay with not being immediately told when someone comments or tweets you). There are many examples of applications and functions that will automatically use your battery, even if you are not actively using it.

Connect to Wi-Fi: If you know the wireless login of your location, you can save some battery life by connecting to a Wi-Fi router.

These are just a few quick ways to help you retain that valuable juice on your iPhone 5. If you are concerned that your battery is not functioning properly or that you are charging your battery far more than you need to, Shux professionals can help you. Shux provides battery replacement services for the latest iPhone or Samsung models. You may also find it helpful to invest in a battery extender to boost your battery life on the go.

Could the iPhone 6 Become Your Mobile Wallet?

If all goes as planned, the latest iPhone 6 will truly be an all-in-one smartphone, so much so that you may not need your wallet anymore. Among Apple’s rumored list of new capabilities is essentially a mobile wallet feature. Purchases from your iPhone may soon be easier with the inclusion of a near-field communication (NFC) chip in the iPhone 6 and Apple’s alleged partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well as major banks and retailers.

What is NFC? Near-field communication essentially allows consumers to wirelessly pay for items at checkout counters. This wireless communication technology is what allows users to simply scan tags using their iPhone and get loads information in return. NFC also has the capability to be used as card emulation. This feature is what could allow your iPhone 6 to pay for your groceries with ease by tapping it on a specific pad at the checkout counter.

Why hasn’t Apple used this before? After all, NFC has already been in use on several Android and Windows Phone devices. The drawback is simple. In order for this virtual payment system to truly work and be convenient, the stores must also be willing to include the NFC technology as well. Only time will tell just how well the system will work for Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and the new agreements that they reportedly have in place. The iPhone 6 may also feature advancements such as a fingerprint recognition reader, or Touch ID, which can facilitate a secure payment system using your smartphone.

A confirmation of these alleged reports as well as a more detailed plan for iPhone’s mobile wallet feature should be exposed in just a few days. Apple’s big reveal of the iPhone 6 is scheduled for September 9th. Stay tuned.

There’s An App For That

You ever feel like you’re internet isn’t running as quickly as your provider says it is? Well, the FCC has an app for that!

According to Mike Snider, USA Today writer, the agency is cracking down on Internet Service Providers (ISP). They recently issued a warning to ISPs that they must disclose accurate information regarding their connectivity speeds for mobile and home services. In fact, in 2011, the FCC adopted transparency provisions at part of its Open Internet rules.

Snider details, “Its transparency rule requires that ISPs make available information about expected and actual broadband speeds, pricing and fees, as well as network management practices, ‘such as congestion management practices and the types of traffic subject to those practices,’ the advisory reads.”

Consumers can test their internet speeds using online tests and reporting the finding to the FCC. For your mobile device, they have even created at app for both iOS products as well as Android devices.

“Consumers deserve to get the broadband service they pay for. After today, no broadband provider can claim they didn’t know we were watching to see that they disclose accurate information about the services they provide,” said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler in a statement.

You also deserve to have a device that works the way it was designed to. Shux is a full-service provider of repairs for your iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. From screen repairs and replacements, to diagnostic tests and new battery installation, your device can look and feel brand new again with little to no wait.

The Best Trackers To Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Here we are, mid-summer. If you still don’t like the way you look in a bathing suit and would like to step up your game, there are a lot of fitness trackers to help you achieve your fitness goals. In Jennifer Jolly’s special for USA Today, she discusses five different fitness trackers than can help you achieve your various goals.

The Garmin Vivofit is a do it all device that keeps track of sleep patterns, steps to calories burned and distance traveled. Once you sync it up to your smartphone, you’ll be dialed into a wealth of information and exercise stats.

The Samsung Gear Fit, according to Jolly, straddles the line between smart watch and fitness band. It has a full-color display with apps and the ability to display text messages and email. It syncs up perfectly with your Samsung smartphone, but won’t work with any other devices.

Adidas Mi-Coach Smart Run is perfect for the “less is more” runner. “The beautiful color screen includes all the info you need, including your current speed, heart rate and pace,” Jolly writes. However, if it’s not perfectly positioned or you sweat a lot, it can throw off the numbers.

Polar V-800 is the buddy for marathon trainers. While it keeps track of your pace and speed, it also works in triathlon mode to give you an edge over fellow trainers. What’s more, it can even tell you how much rest you’ll need to recover from your workout.

Spire is a brilliant new device that keeps track of your breathing. As you breathe, the colors change on your smartphone to get you to a level of workout you’re trying to achieve.

Shux technicians can repair your screen and even replace your battery so your phone can keep up with the new, fit you!

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